Quality Journalism

Our mission

Issue Media Group covers what’s next in cities, creating new narratives that document transformation and growth. Our journalists identify influencers – the change-makers and doers moving cities and regions forward. We report on micro-investment in job creation and development and map small transactions that create large-scale impact and change. We provide hyperlocal engagement with influencers, research and data, and audience.

“The future of this city is going to be driven by people that get up every day, understand that the city has needs, don’t ask for permission, and go out and make things happen,” said Brian Boyle, co-CEO of Issue Media Group, at Model D’s five-year anniversary party in 2011.

Our publications explore community advancement through talent, innovation, diversity, and environment – elements that create a demand for a city, based on Carnegie Mellon University research by Dr. Kevin Stolarick (now at the Martin Prosperity Institute).

Our model

Issue Media Group publishes independent journalism online and in weekly email newsletters. But we’re not completely digital; through our events and speaker series, we connect face-to-face with our readers and our communities and engage with the issues we are committed to.

Our sponsors make it possible for IMG to cover the things that define a city’s success – including sustainability, transportation, arts and culture, talent, design, neighborhood growth and revitalization, small businesses and entrepreneurship, and social innovation. Our work is editorially independent, but the financial support of our sponsors allows us to dedicate and expand our attention to these issues and ideas.