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One health story eclipses all others. Decades of media decline have left many local outlets without dedicated health reporters and many communities without quality informed health coverage. 

At Issue Media Group, we’ve grown our coverage of health care over the past few years. This month, we spotlighting several ongoing series that cover topics from food security to healthy aging to mental health. Thanks to the support and engagement of health stakeholders across Michigan, we’re able to take a statewide perspective as well as a local lens to some of the most pressing challenges facing communities—and the people doing incredible work to address them.

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State of Health

Our State of Health series focuses on how Michigan communities are addressing health challenges.   

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MI Mental Health

MI Mental Health series highlights the opportunities that Michigan's children, teens and adults have to find the mental health help they need.

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Autism Alliance

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Public Health Coalition

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Voices of Youth

On the Ground

Issue Media Group leverages the power of solutions-based + narrative storytelling in partnership with community-based leadership coalitions to increase attachment to place – a foundational element to inclusive economic growth – while delivering community response to local media contraction. 


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Our Mission & Model

Through a coalition of community partners, Issue Media Group publishes weekly journalism covering sustainability, transportation, arts and culture, talent, design, neighborhood growth and revitalization, small businesses and entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

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Underwriting is the basis of our model as a publication. Support from underwriters allows IMG to dedicate editorial resources to cover key issue areas that are of importance to both the underwriter and IMG’s mission.

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Work for IMG

Issue Media Group (IMG) is committed to fostering and preserving a culture of inclusion and diversity.

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Welcome to The Helm Sandusky

Model D wins four awards in annual Detroit Society of Professional Journalists

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