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Arts and culture enrich our lives and economies. In Michigan alone, they contributed over $18 billion and 120,000 jobs in 2022. From murals in hometowns to renowned museums in new cities, these assets offer both beauty and economic value.

Yet, their significance transcends monetary worth. Summer festivals animate public spaces, poetry empowers students, and crafts preserve heritage. Art reveals our identity, history, and social ties.

Despite their importance, local arts coverage has dwindled, stifling awareness and investment. At IMG, we prioritize reporting on these initiatives, showcasing their impact on communities. For instance, Input Fort Wayne’s series fosters offline connections among artists, while Concentrate raises awareness of Washtenaw County’s vibrant arts scene. Similarly, Second Wave Southwest Michigan highlights hidden gems and social practice artists.

As you explore these stories, reflect on how supporting arts coverage can amplify creativity, shape local identity, and foster community cohesion.

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Inside IMG

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A Creative Midwest Media Cohort

Input Fort Wayne joins the inaugural Creative Midwest Media Cohort, collaborating with nine other publications to showcase emerging artists in northeast Indiana, particularly focusing on Black, Indigenous, and rural creatives.

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A Coalition for Arts Supporters

In Concentrate, a coalition of funders, including major county art institutions and local philanthropists Larry and Lucie Nisson, supports dialogue and awareness of Washtenaw County’s arts scene, including a freeform electronic music night and a photo essay chronicling the colorful annual FestiFools parade.

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Art in Rural Places

Art plays a vital role in rural areas, fostering community bonds and revitalizing spaces. Small communities across Michigan have created art alleys, art and sculpture gardens, put up statues, and painted murals on buildings, streets and even basketball courts.  Across Michigan, towns embrace art to beautify and create a sense of belonging, supported by various organizations like Michigan State University Extension.

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Social Practice Art

Southwest Michigan Second Wave explores a unique arts angle, focusing on solutions and connecting with local artist Maya James, delving into "social practice art" and featuring Nicole Lee's story.    

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Voices of Youth

On the Ground

Issue Media Group leverages the power of solutions-based + narrative storytelling in partnership with community-based leadership coalitions to increase attachment to place – a foundational element to inclusive economic growth – while delivering community response to local media contraction. 


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Our Mission & Model

Through a coalition of community partners, Issue Media Group publishes weekly journalism covering sustainability, transportation, arts and culture, talent, design, neighborhood growth and revitalization, small businesses and entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

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Underwriting is the basis of our model as a publication. Support from underwriters allows IMG to dedicate editorial resources to cover key issue areas that are of importance to both the underwriter and IMG’s mission.

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Our Teams

Issue Media Group, a local journalism leader, publishes weekly news thanks to our editorial leadership teams operating locally and our executive leadership team.  Meet our leadership team members.

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Welcome to The Helm Sandusky

Model D wins four awards in annual Detroit Society of Professional Journalists

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