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Summer is in full swing, and people are heading outside! This month, we’re looking at how outdoor activities help people connect with nature, each other, and their surroundings.

Family-friendly pools, courts, parks, and trails are valued for gathering, exercise, and fun. However, not all people have the same access to these amenities. In Southeast Michigan and other regions, communities are investing in outdoor spaces to ensure everyone, regardless of zip code or abilities, can benefit. In Springfield, Ohio, outdoor spaces are being used to build community power and address racial inequities.

The outdoors strengthens connection to place and supports economic growth. Parks attract young families, water draws kayakers, and forests appeal to birdwatchers. Highlighting these attractions can engage residents, draw visitors, and appeal to potential transplants, investors, and startups.

Being outside fosters a transcendent connection with nature. Enjoy the great outdoors this summer and appreciate those working to protect these spaces.

How would your community benefit from a spotlight on nature-related solutions?  Get in touch -- we can help!

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The Importance of Parks

IMG launched a new series highlighting how Southeast Michigan parks are an engine of exploration, education, and play for all.  Underscoring the importance of parks for everyone, the series is called Equity in Our Parks, and is published regularly in Model D, Metromode, and Concentrate!

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People, Parks, Power

Historically, communities of color and low-income neighborhoods have not had equal access to green spaces. People, Parks, Power, a collaborative Partner Content series with The Conscious Connect, highlights people and organizations working to change that in Springfield, Ohio.

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Embracing Outdoor Recreation

IMG and our partners are not the only ones promoting the outdoors and nature. The Michigan Office of Outdoor Recreation is helping in that mission, supporting our efforts to write stories of innovation in the outdoor recreation industry.

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Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth is a year-long series focused on the intersection of climate change, sustainability, earth care. Sponsored by the Fetzer Institute, the series encourages readers to examine how they view their home planet, their beliefs, and values and encourages them to use their eco-imagination to forge a stronger relationship with the earth.

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Voices of Youth

On the Ground

Issue Media Group leverages the power of solutions-based + narrative storytelling in partnership with community-based leadership coalitions to increase attachment to place – a foundational element to inclusive economic growth – while delivering community response to local media contraction. 


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Our Mission & Model

Through a coalition of community partners, Issue Media Group publishes weekly journalism covering sustainability, transportation, arts and culture, talent, design, neighborhood growth and revitalization, small businesses and entrepreneurship, and social innovation.

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Underwriting is the basis of our model as a publication. Support from underwriters allows IMG to dedicate editorial resources to cover key issue areas that are of importance to both the underwriter and IMG’s mission.

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Our Teams

Issue Media Group, a local journalism leader, publishes weekly news thanks to our editorial leadership teams operating locally and our executive leadership team.  Meet our leadership team members.

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Welcome to The Helm Sandusky

Model D wins four awards in annual Detroit Society of Professional Journalists

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