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A Creative Midwest Media Cohort

Input Fort Wayne joins the inaugural Creative Midwest Media Cohort, collaborating with nine other publications to showcase emerging artists in northeast Indiana, particularly focusing on Black, Indigenous, and rural creatives.

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Art in Rural Places

Art plays a vital role in rural areas, fostering community bonds and revitalizing spaces. Small communities across Michigan have created art alleys, art and sculpture gardens, put up statues, and painted murals on buildings, streets and even basketball courts.  Across Michigan, towns embrace art to beautify and create a sense of belonging, supported by various organizations like Michigan State University Extension.

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A Coalition for Arts Supporters

In Concentrate, a coalition of funders, including major county art institutions and local philanthropists Larry and Lucie Nisson, supports dialogue and awareness of Washtenaw County’s arts scene, including a freeform electronic music night and a photo essay chronicling the colorful annual FestiFools parade.

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Social Practice Art

Southwest Michigan Second Wave explores a unique arts angle, focusing on solutions and connecting with local artist Maya James, delving into "social practice art" and featuring Nicole Lee's story.    

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Equity in Our Parks

We're thrilled to share the launch of Equity in Our Parks, a new series highlighting how Southeast Michigan parks are an engine of exploration, education, and play for all.

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Amplifying Youth Voices

 Amplifying Youth Voices in Soapbox Cincinnati raises awareness of youth mental health challenges and sharing community-based solutions responding to the dilemma.

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IMG Continues to Grow

We often talk about the decline of news — however, the story across IMG’s publications is one of growth. Our partners supporting local journalism across our network continue to feel the value and impact of our work together.

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Measuring Our Impact

IMG’s journalism not only informs and engages local residents, but it also tells the stories of changemakers and leaders making things better in a neighborhood, city, or region.

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Voices of Youth

For the past three years, our Voices of Youth series has helped amplify the voices of young residents -- and it continues to grow.

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Universal Pre-K

IMG's Early Education Matters is a series of stories about the implementation of Pre-K for All throughout Michigan. This series is made possible with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. By partnering with the Kellogg foundation on this project, we are striving to increase awareness and engagement between stakeholders, residents and policymakers regarding the challenges and impacts of implementing Universal Pre-K policies in Michigan as well as highlighting the existing and emerging solutions to these challenges, especially at the local level.

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Mental Health and Disability

IMG publishes two other series that highlight children's issues: the MI Mental Health series and our multi-year series Disability Inclusion.

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Autism Alliance

Issue Media Group recently partnered with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to produce a series of articles to help promote health and wellness for the autism community across Michigan.

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State of Health

Our State of Health series focuses on how Michigan communities are addressing health challenges.   

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MI Mental Health

MI Mental Health series highlights the opportunities that Michigan's children, teens and adults have to find the mental health help they need.

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Autism Alliance of Michigan

Issue Media Group recently partnered with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to produce a series of articles to help promote health and wellness for the autism community.  The Autism Alliance of Michigan expands opportunities for people living with autism and their families, including parents of children who often find themselves in uncharted territory when it comes to getting their kids’ educational and health care needs met.

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Public Health Coalition

Issue Media group kicked off our first story for Yours, Mine and Ours -- Public Health, a series dedicated to uplifting important stories about public health issues and solutions occurring across Michigan.

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Talent Highlight: Aaron FoleyIssue Media Group welcomes Aaron Foley as the new managing editor of Model D. 

DETROIT, Nov 9, 2023—Issue Media Group (IMG) is pleased to announce Aaron Foley has joined the company as the new managing editor of Model D, IMG’s flagship publication.

Expanding health care coverage

The loss of health journalism has had wide-ranging impacts on the communities across the country. Issue Media Group, working with foundation and public sector partners, is working to fill the gap and restore some of that coverage. Our health coverage includes our State of Health series about how Michigan communities are rising to address health challenges and MI Mental Health series, which highlights the opportunities that Michigan's children, teens and adults of all ages have to find the mental health help they need, when and where they need it.   

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No News is Bad News

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Why Does Local Media Matter?

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