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State of Health

Our State of Health series focuses on how Michigan communities are addressing health challenges.   

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MI Mental Health

MI Mental Health series highlights the opportunities that Michigan's children, teens and adults have to find the mental health help they need.

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Autism Alliance of Michigan

Issue Media Group recently partnered with the Autism Alliance of Michigan to produce a series of articles to help promote health and wellness for the autism community.  The Autism Alliance of Michigan expands opportunities for people living with autism and their families, including parents of children who often find themselves in uncharted territory when it comes to getting their kids’ educational and health care needs met.

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Public Health Coalition

Issue Media group kicked off our first story for Yours, Mine and Ours -- Public Health, a series dedicated to uplifting important stories about public health issues and solutions occurring across Michigan.

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Talent Highlight: Aaron FoleyIssue Media Group welcomes Aaron Foley as the new managing editor of Model D. 

DETROIT, Nov 9, 2023—Issue Media Group (IMG) is pleased to announce Aaron Foley has joined the company as the new managing editor of Model D, IMG’s flagship publication.

Expanding health care coverage

The loss of health journalism has had wide-ranging impacts on the communities across the country. Issue Media Group, working with foundation and public sector partners, is working to fill the gap and restore some of that coverage. Our health coverage includes our State of Health series about how Michigan communities are rising to address health challenges and MI Mental Health series, which highlights the opportunities that Michigan's children, teens and adults of all ages have to find the mental health help they need, when and where they need it.   

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No News is Bad News

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Why Does Local Media Matter?

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Talent Highlight: Hayley Roberts

Issue Media Group welcomes Hayley Roberts to join the talented leadership team in the new role of Director of Partnership Development.

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Talent Highlight: Kathy Roberts

Kathy Roberts, managing editor of IMG’s Route Bay City, is now a member of Issue Media Group’s leadership team as a representative of the Editorial Council.   

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Talent Highlight: Estelle Slootmaker

Estelle Slootmaker is one of Issue Media Group's incredible editorial talent who works on the State of Health, MI Mental Health, Early Education Matters, Autism Association of Michigan, and Block by Block series.


Michigan's State of Health Podcast

Nearly 6 million Americans have dementia, and one in three older adults dies with it, but dementia is still wildly misunderstood both by the general public and even the medical community.

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On the Ground

Our “On The Ground” program helps to tell the story of the people, projects and innovations that are creating “what’s next” for communities.

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The Case for Cities

Nearly two years ago, IMG’s Soapbox Cincinnati launched a series, The Case for Cities, that looks at how the Ohio city and others can grow by coming places of choice and justice models.

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Age Appropriate Housing

Two IMG publications – 83 Degrees and Input Fort Wayne – are working collaboratively with local chapters of the AARP to cover issues important to people over 50. 

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Partner Cities

Cities like Farmington, Sterling Heights, Dearborn, and Hazel Park rely on the Metromode to cover solutions happening in their neighborhoods and downtowns. Metromode's popular reporting series includes Dining Destinations coverage, Early Education Matters, and Macomb Parks and Trails.

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