Issue Media Group | Detroit, Michigan | 2005

Issue Media Group’s flagship publication was born of Brian Boyle and Paul Schutt’s frustration with a lack of coverage of emerging neighborhoods, projects, dynamic people, and entrepreneurs against a backdrop of Detroit’s “brain drain.” Model D, Issue Media Group's flagship publication, was launched in 2005 with support from a coalition of visionary urban developers, anchor institutions with deep roots in the city, and service organizations supporting new residents and businesses. Model D quickly established itself as an important new voice and media model, particularly as traditional media declined.  

Embracing a solutions journalism approach to reporting, Model D was one of the nation's first publications to embrace the storytelling style. Now a rapidly growing field, solutions journalism focuses on rigorously reporting on what’s working rather than a conflict-driven news style that’s currently losing audience at unprecedented rates. 

Today, Issue Media Group operates 20 publications across the Midwest.
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Model D | Detroit, MI | 2005

Model D was launched in 2005, with support from a coalition of visionary urban developers, anchors institutions with deep roots in the city, and service organizations providing support to new residents and businesses.

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Metromode | Metro Detroit, MI | 2006

Metromode covers what's next in entrepreneurship, creative culture, food, and urban development in the metro Detroit area.

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Rapid Growth | Grand Rapids, MI | 2006

IMG’s third market recognized Grand Rapids's struggle with its narrative.  Community partners recognized a dire need and helped IMG launch Rapid Growth in May 2006.

Publication Concentrate_list_image.png

Concentrate | Washtenaw County, MI | 2007

IMG launched Concentrate in January 2007 to cover news for the residents of Washtenaw County. A major challenge in markets like this one is the way that the lack of coverage occurs is not always equal.

Publication Soapbox_list_image.png

Soapbox | Cincinnati, OH | 2008

Launched in 2008, Soapbox covers what's next in entrepreneurship, creative culture, plus community development in and around Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Publication 83_degrees_list_image.png

83 Degrees | Tampa Bay, FL | 2009

IMG launched 83 Degrees in November 2009, connecting with local reporters to bring on a team with knowledge and experience. A solid machine for many years, connects Tampa Bay’s readers to their city’s most visionary and active people, businesses, and organizations.

Publication UPword_list_image.png

UPword | Upper Peninsula, MI | 2010

UPword was born in May 2010 of ‘UP’ (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) efforts to create a more cohesive story for the UP while strengthening the network of economic development organizations working across the UP.

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Second Wave Southwest | Kalamazoo & Battle Creek, MI | 2012

Second Wave Southwest focuses on the dynamic communities, businesses, and residents of Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and the surrounding area.

Publication High_Ground_list_image.png

High Ground | Memphis, TN | 2014

High Ground's story began in March 2014 to help Memphis with a reputation problem and with the region's little sibling complex - thanks to Nashville eclipsing them with record growth.

Publication The_Keel_list_image.png

The Keel | Port Huron, MI | 2016

Through regional leadership, a funding coalition helped launch The Keel in 2016 to attract talent and better share the region’s story as a critical strategic priority.

Flintside | Flint, MI | 2016

Fifteen coalition leaders launched Flintside in 2017 to tell the city’s underreported stories using embedded journalism projects to grow and cover one new neighborhood per year.

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Catalyst | Midland, MI | 2017

Catalyst Midland captures the stories of talent, investment, innovation, and emerging assets shaping the Midland region’s future.  Through a series of community stakeholder meetings, resulting in the launch of Catalyst in 2017.

Publication Input_list_image.png

Input Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, IN | 2017

The voice of emerging talent, innovation, and transformation for Northeast Indiana, Input, was launched in October 2017.

Publication Epicenter_list_image.png

Epicenter | Mt. Pleasant, MI | 2018

Community stakeholder meetings helped launch Epicenter in 2018, sparked by the news of Catalyst Midland and Route Bay City.

Route Bay City | Bay County, MI | 2018

A regional leadership coalition formed the funding coalition that launched Route in 2018 focusing on the dynamic communities, businesses, and residents of Michigan County.

Publication The_Lakeshore_list_image.png

The Lakeshore | West MI | 2019

The Lakeshore West Michigan in July 2019 focuses on the dynamic communities, businesses, and residents of Allegan, Ottawa, and Muskegon counties.

Publication Hub_Springfield_list_image.png

The Hub | Springfield, OH | 2019

Several stakeholders heard the IMG story, which led to the creation of a cross-sector coalition of funders to launch The Hub in 2020. Now, The Hub focuses on innovation, talent, entrepreneurship, and community development.

Publication Rural_Innovation_Exchange_list_image.png

RIX | Rural Innovation Exchange, MI | 2021

A coalition, working in areas including housing, broadband, health, philanthropy, placemaking, entrepreneurship, and the arts, helped to launch RIX in November 2021, creating a unique statewide voice for rural Michigan.

The Helm | Sandusky, OH | 2022

The Helm was launched in 2022, covering the stories of investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, and individuals shaping the Greater Sandusky region.

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